CPM Policy

Quality Policy

It is our emphasis on quality that sets us apart from our competitors; satisfied customers are Consolidated Project Management primary concern. Our aim is to maintain and guarantee the very highest quality throughout our Project Management Services.

  • To provide outstanding value to customer as our success ultimately depend on their satisfaction.
  • We want our customers to achieve the maximum from our service.
Continual Improvement
  • lways conscience of the need to be ‘up to speed’ with modern technological developments.
  • Optimize time, quality and cost in all our work to ensure financial success
  • To set clear ambitious, measurable and inspiring goals / objectives.
  • To measure our selves against the world’s best practices and learn from our past experience.

The staff at Consolidated Project Management are a highly motivated and dedicated team. We have a policy of continuous training and product awareness. We believe open discussion and the sharing of ideas is as important as financial gain.

Health, Safety & Environment

CPM vision is an Incident and Injury Free workplace, with no harm to people and no damage to the Environment. The company is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and ensuring that all business activities are conducted in a manner that protects the environment. We have in place a Health, Safety and Environmental management system for all our activities that drives continual improvement. The HSE Management System outlines this Policy and requires that we:

  • Identify and manage risks to as low as reasonably practicable where they have the potential to cause an accident, injury or illness to people, or unacceptable impacts on the environment or the community;
  • Provide safe work places and systems of work, empower employees and contractors to address unsafe or hazardous situations and carry out their work in a manner that does not present a risk to themselves, Others or the environment;
  • Support the recovery and rehabilitation of employees in the event of work related injury
  • Set objectives and targets which promote the efficient use of energy and resources, the minimisation of wastes and emissions and the prevention of pollution;
  • Ensure compliance with relevant HSE legal requirements and other commitments;
  • Regularly review and report HSE performance.

CPM shall visibly uphold the principles of this policy and integrate them throughout the company, while the Management and supervisory personnel at each division and location shall regularly review HSE performance and responsible for implementing and maintaining the HSE management system necessary to sustain this policy.

In implementing this Policy we will engage with our employees, contractors, suppliers, business partners, customers and Government and communicate expectations to all persons working with or on behalf of CPM. The Board is responsible for establishing and over viewing the Company’s commitment to manage HSE in accordance with this Policy and for monitoring the performance of the Company with respect to its implementation. Working safely and in an environmentally appropriate manner are conditions of employment. Each employee has a duty to report workplace conditions or practices that pose a safety hazard or threaten the environment and to take reasonable actions to alleviate such risks.